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Aqua Chi

How does the system draw toxins from the body?

The aqua chi hydro-stimulation system is not only used to withdraw toxins. It enhances lipolysis  (destruction of fat cells, where toxins are mainly stored).There is improvement in the function of all the cells in the body including the 5 major elimination channels: Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, Skin and Colon. Thus, enhancing the physiological detox mechanism in the body. Toxins will continue to be released for a few days after the treatment.

Why are the withdrawal of these toxins beneficial. 

Living beings are amazingly complex in the way they function in the battle to survive whether that is a plant, an animal or a human being.  If full of toxins a plant will die, humans may become ill. Toxins are continuously being eliminated naturally, but some times especially in our century where we are exposed to various chemicals from pesticides to air, water & other pollutants, any help is important no matter how minute it is. It is important for the vitality of our cells to be free of toxins, thus maintaining healthy body & mind.

How many sessions are needed before results become visible?

Although the results cannot be always replicated in every case, we have been having repeatedly very good results in various cases, where pains are disappearing, energy levels improving, quicker recovery from colds & various other visible results which are sometimes noticeable from only 1 session. There is no magical cure for anything, it is important to be patient & give any method the recommended time to achieve good results.

Are there any contraindications that would make this treatment unsuitable?

There are no contra-indications, but we recommend people wearing a pacemaker, those that suffer from fits or seizures, have had an organ transplant, are pregnant or nursing mother or those taking prescription drugs should only be treated under the supervision of a suitably qualified person.

What is the waste matter left in the water once the treatment ends?  

One of the most visual effects of the aqua-chi hydro Stimulation system is the release of toxins and oils trapped in the dermal layers (skin) & from lipolysis, some of the waste will be salt & minerals from the transducer. The colour change is not the important issue here. After the treatment the body will keep eliminating toxins via the main elimination organs.

What do different types of waste matter tell you about health/well-being?

It is not possible and we should not try to read anything into the different colours of the waste matter. It differs with each person as we all have a different energy frequency (bio-electric body) and when the aqua-chi stimulation system balances the bioelectric body the detox pathways can react in different ways. Urine & blood tests are the only way to determine the efficacy of the detox process.

Cynics claim detox systems appear to work simply through a chemical reaction brought about by the electric current running through salted-water, and don’t actually draw toxins out of the body at all. How do you respond to this?

The colour change of the water is not the important issue here, however, a darker colour is observed in people who take too many medications or have more serious health problems or toxins. The aqua-chi frequency is passed to every single cell in the body & not only the feet.

Why is it necessary to detox our bodies?

Unfortunately, the world we live in today is much different than it was 100 years ago. The air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat contain 100's of environmental toxins and are overwhelming our bodies with disease.

Some of our CURRENT food supply is grown in nutrient deficient soils, exposed to radiation to kill bacterial, synthetic pesticides.  Irradiated-exposed to radiation to kill bacteria, can antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, artificial sweeteners: aspartame, saccharin etc. also artificial colours. Our food is no longer the food it was 100 years ago.

What distinguishes the Aqua-Chi system from others on the market?

Aqua-Chi is based on technology that has been available since 1996, producing a frequency that enhances the ionic transfer on a cellular level in the whole body, increasing the function ability of the organs, maintaining health, preventing diseases.  Throughout the session, some of the salt in the water will be consumed by the electrical current & depending on the skin resistively the therapeutic frequency may change in some systems in the market, our system automatically alters & regulates the current to maintain the same frequency level.