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Aromatherapy is a safe Complementary Therapy that can successfully work alongside conventional medical treatments. It can be particularly helpful in Care Homes and in Palliative Care.

Care Homes

Aromatherapy treatments can be very beneficial for those in residential Care Homes when they may feel confused, agitated or restless. A relaxing blend can help calm and relax, providing a more comforting feeling of reassurance. Other benefits are:-

  • providing one to one attention to residents whilst in their beds, in a wheelchair or sat up in a chair;
  • assisting in pain management;
  • improving flexibility and mobility of joints;
  • easing muscle pain and stiffness;
  • speeding up recovery after surgery and rehabilitation;
  • releasing tension;
  • encouraging better quality of sleep;
  • boosting circulation and immune system;
  • assisting respiratory problems;
  • promoting self esteem;
  • people affected by Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease can become less anxious and agitated.

Palliative Care

An advanced level of Aromatherapy can be helpful for those in palliative care. As well as helping support those suffering in pain and discomfort, it can also assist emotionally as the aroma of the oils can ease and lift the spirit. This gentle type of massage, with specific blended essential oils, on the hands or feet by an experienced therapist used to handling fragile and delicate skin is delivered with a very sympathetic and understanding approach. It can also help those suffering from nausea, depression and fatigue, often felt by those having Chemotherapy treatments. This clinical approach can also be reassuring to friends and relatives of those in palliative care.


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