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This revolutionary treatment is becoming one of the most sought after beauty and health treatments of today!

Unlike conventional treatments that involve machinery or expensive products that claim to produce miracles, this treatment works simply with the experienced hands of a therapist using a combination of ancient Indian facial massage techniques and Japanese acupressure, with a modern western approach to the physiology of the face structure.

What is Natural Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Much can be done to assist and prevent further damage to the skin and this treatment not only deals with any problems but, advice is given on facial regimes, exercises as well as lifestyle and diet all tailored to suit your individual skin type and needs.

This treatment does produce genuinely visible results that you should be able to see after several treatments. The skill of massage and acupressure techniques work by identifying restricted and congested areas of the connective tissue on the face and neck. This procedure lifts the contours of the face and greatly improves circulation, lymph flow and muscle tone, helping to reduce and delay the visible signs of ageing as well as prevent further damage.  This is a non-invasive holistic technique which  will help you look younger but also works on both the physical and emotional level.Thus,  promoting a healthy, glowing skin and, with regular treatments, will improve the way you look and feel.

How does the treatment work?

Massage is one of the most important factors of the Facial Rejuvenation Treatment. It is like “ironing” with fingertips. Your therapist will use techniques that relax the muscles, drain the lymph, pinpoint areas of congestion and apply techniques to release restrictions and tone the facial muscles. In addition acupressure is used to unblock trapped energies and improve the general tone, elasticity and condition of the skin. This treatment should also relieve any tension, stress or anxiety and have a dramatic affect on the sinuses, which is another contributor to tired and dull looking skin.

A full Facial Rejuvenation Treatment lasts an hour. Why not book yourself in for a treatment. We offer 6 treatments for the price of 5 and no requirement for money up front for all 5 treatments.


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