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Stress, now considered a normal part of life, can be a positive experience, creating a buzz of excitement, concentration or increased energy; clarity of thought, self-esteem, confidence; rational thought; happiness and contentment.

More often, however, the term is used to describe negative emotions or feelings of anxiety or tension in overwhelming situations. This negative stress occurs when there is a mismatch between the way we perceive both the demands placed upon us and our ability to cope with them. The difference between how we view the demands and how we think we can cope determines the level of stress we experience.


The effects of negative stress on the body can be:

  • physical – muscle tension, headaches, fatigue, heart attacks, ulcers
  • psychological – depression, loss of perspective, need for artificial stimulants/relaxants (eg cigarettes, coffee and alcohol)
  • behavioural – poor concentration, lethargy, aggression, self abuse
  • emotional – lack of confidence and self-esteem, boredom, frustration and hysteria.

All body systems are affected by stress, although symptoms vary between individuals. Left unmanaged, negative stress will:

  • weaken the body’s defences
  • slow body function
  • lead to serious physical, mental and emotional imbalances (as detailed above).



Studies have shown that aromatherapy can be helpful in stress management and prevention. It can
help stimulate the immune system, avoiding the run-down feeling that can leave a person more vulnerable to viral or bacterial infections. A more balanced lifestyle can be encouraged with the correct use of essential oils. A balanced state of mind promotes vitality and enhances the ability to cope with potential difficult situations e.g. business meetings, presentations, visiting dentists, job insecurity etc.


To obtain maximum benefit from an aromatherapy treatment, both the essential oils and the method of applying them must be chosen carefully. Knowledge of pure essential oils that are derived from many plants and flowers is important, as well as their many beneficial properties taking into consideration a particular oil’s complete chemical constituents. These are then blended with the right carrier oil and used with the skilled manipulation of the soft tissue.


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