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Why not take time out for yourself and try a 30 minute facial?

This includes a cleanse, gentle exfoliation, toner and moisturiser with specifically blended essential oils that will enhance your treatment and benefit your skin type, followed by a 10 minute facial massage. You will feel invigorated and look and feel better.

A cleanse consists of a cucumber base milk, paraben free, with added detoxifying essential oils.

An exfoliation then follows using oats or ground almonds both, which are excellent mediums for exfoliation, avoiding irritation to sensitive skin.

A facial spritzer is then applied to the face which tones and invigorates the skin.

Lastly, a bespoke moisturiser is used with added essential oils to enhance the treatment with many beneficial properties for your skin type, followed by a facial massage using different types of techniques to help lift the contours of the skin, identify any blockages, stimulate blood flow and movement of the lymph.

Or you may wish to choose a Hot and Cold Stone massage instead, which is equally enjoyable resulting in a toned and invigorated skin.

If you would like to book an appointment for this treatment, surprise that special friend with a birthday or anniversary gift or just want to treat someone in your life, this is an ideal present!

For more information:

Call: 01784 483185 or 07940 756585