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Here are some of the kind words from our wonderful customers:

"I loved the experience, it was uplifting and I felt pampered and in good hands. The products used were perfectly suited to my sensitive skin which felt and looked younger after only one treatment. This was a real treat and I was very pleased with the result."


"I have been having regular massages with Rosemary for over 10 years.

Rosemary is an incredible massage therapist. She is extremely professional, skilled, caring, intuitive and genuinely concerned about your health and well being. She has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the human body, massage and aromatherapy and uses specific, high quality essential oils to suit your needs. I always look forward to my massages with Rosemary and leave feeling rejuvenated and energised.

I highly recommend having one of Rosemary's treatments".


"I have been using them for the past three years and found them to be exceptionally pure and kind to my skin.

I have used all of the following to great effect:

  • Facial oil
  • Bath oil & shower gel – all types of essential oils
  • Eye cream, which is lovely and delicate
  • Face cream
  • Very light facial toner – Neroli seems to be the best for me

I am very happy to discuss any aspect if you need further information".

"I first went to visit Rosemary as I was suffering with pain across my shoulders and down my back - stiff muscles as a result of sitting at a desk all day. Even after the first intensive session, I could immediately feel the difference. Rosemary tailors the oils she uses to each person's preferences and skin type and her array of oils are astounding. She gave me some great tips on posture, and regular sessions with Rosemary help keep me pain and stiffness free and are a great source of relaxation."


"I have been having aromatherapy massage for about 2 years. I find my massage not only soothes my physical aches and pains but as a sufferer of chronic mental health illness I find it a place I feel safe and able to find space just for me when I can allow positive thoughts to enter my head instead of a catalogue of traumatic intrusive memories. It is amazing but I too am becoming more aware of the different scents that either make me feel calmer or ‘pep’ me up when I am sluggish from my prescribed medication. My consultant only has just said I am “getting better at self- managing my mood variations”. What an achievement and Rosemary has played a huge part in this".


"I recently had the pleasure  of visiting Rosemary at Wraysbury to have the above treatment.  It was a wonderful experience. Totally rejuvenating, and in a relaxing atmosphere.  Rosemary is a very professional, caring person, with a vast knowledge of the products she is currently using.

I felt that nothing was rushed and great care was taken with all aspects of this treatment.  Everything was explained in a quiet proficient manner, and my face felt very nourished and smooth.  Some facial exercises were suggested and I am doing my best to keep them up!

I would like to make this a regular treatment and am very much looking forward to my next visit."


"I have known Rosemary for many years now, and have had treatments from her from the first day of her qualifying as an Aromatherapist. I have had full body massages, back and neck massages as well as treatment with ear candling and hot stones. I used to suffer from tension headaches and since I have had the massages they have gone.  Rosemary also makes her own body lotions, shower gels, shampoos etc. using essential oils and I have used these on numerous occasions and found them excellent.

Rosemary is always very professional and committed and I am only too happy to recommend her to anyone."


“I have enjoyed a couple of different treatments with Rosemary; ear candling and a rejuvenating natural face lift facial. She has a very professional approach, taking care to understand what you need before agreeing an approach. She is a lovely warm person who exudes care and her touch instils confidence. I would have no hesitation recommending her treatments”


"I have known Rosemary for many years and always believed her to have magic, healing hands.  There is no greater proof of this than in her aromatherapy sessions.  It is an experience which is both invigorating and relaxing, taking the strains and stresses out of everyday life.  The atmosphere of care which she creates is a wonderful sense of well-being.  I would recommend it to anyone."


"Aromatherapy was  something I had not  thought of several years ago, however, my life changed when I discovered Roma Therapies and realized that my wellbeing was of paramount importance since my   introduction of the treatments, having started off as a ‘test case’.  The high quality of service provided by the experienced Therapist and advice provided has encouraged me to try out the various treatments available and proved to be beneficial. Highly recommended!"  


"I have experienced a significant benefit from the use of paraben free and specially catered creams which Roma Therapies has taken the time to experiment and create a mix to which I have reaped the benefits. 

The improvements have been evident to which I am grateful to Roma Therapies and hope that others can experience this for themselves."  


"Rosemary has magic hands!  You emerge from a deeply relaxed state and find yourself floating for the rest of the day!  The moment you step into her room you are greeted with the beautiful aromas of the essential oils, and calming music, and then the magic begins.  Enough said, I need to book my next treatment!